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Future Ideas connects innovators from around the world to stimulate the development of ideas. We believe that graduates with creative minds are the key to a better future. By organizing our Worldwide Academic Competition and Business Challenges we use our platform to bridge the gap between top talent and the business world by better utilizing academic knowledge. We are here to fix the backend of education.


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Partner with us

Partners with us

Partnership with like-minded companies and organizations is what helps our community to thrive. We not only want to gather the latest academic insights, but we want to bring those ideas to the world. This is made possible with the help of our partners. We work together with them to share our strengths and help each other achieve our goals.

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We join the picture by providing you with an opportunity to share your idea by submitting it in one of the six themes of the Worldwide Academic Competition. The platform also allows you to browse and comment on other awesome innovative ideas. Log in, create a profile, connect with your peers and get inspired!

Round and round the platform goes

The official deadline for idea submission to the Worldwide Academic Competition is just about here and we have some exciting news to all the procrastinators out there - the Future Ideas Worldwide Academic Competition deadline has been extended! For the past two months we have been working hard to improve the new platform and make it easy and intuitive to use. And just like a pair of fancy new shoes, it needs time to break in. So while this is happening, we [...]

Future Ideas Team

One of our greatest strengths is our team of fun, goofy and creative Future People.
A fun group of individuals to think and work with. People from all walks of life and different international background, but one thing in common: we LOVE new concepts and ideas. That’s it. Without it, we cannot blossom.
We believe in true value creation by combining talent, great ideas and fun!

Jaspar Roos
Aneliya Evtimova
Simone Verbaken
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