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Future Ideas connects innovators from around the world to stimulate the development of ideas. We believe that graduates with creative minds are the key to a better future. By organizing our Worldwide Academic Competition and Business Challenges we use our platform to bridge the gap between top talent and the business world by better utilizing academic knowledge.
We are here to fix the backend of education.


Winning Ideas 2015

Improved Freight Transport Management
Mobile-based Employment system
Biosensor for a Biomarker in Breast Cancer
Breast Tomosynthesis Image Reconstruction
Human-Centred Biomass Gasifier
Color-strip test for drug detection

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A Success Story From A Young Entrepreneur

It's been a while since our last success story, but we come back with a new and exciting testimonial from a brilliant young entrepreneur - George Stoyanov, Co-founder of Craze. Future Ideas: Hi George, thank you for taking the time to join us for this conversation today! Would you tell us a bit about yourself, your background and interests? George: I appreciate the invite. Well, I'd say I’m a mix of various passions and interests: I've graduated [...]

Future Ideas Team

One of our greatest strengths is our team of fun, goofy and creative Future People.
A fun group of individuals to think and work with. People from all walks of life and different international background, but one thing in common: we LOVE new concepts and ideas. That’s it. Without it, we cannot blossom.
We believe in true value creation by combining talent, great ideas and fun!

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