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The Two Ways To Prove Your Business Skills

February 24, 2015, by Olga Penkovska in: Business Challenges


Business is a word that gets thrown around a lot and is starting to lose its meaning. Maybe not immediately apparent while you are still in university, but once you have your foot out of academia everything is business and it's all a bit too vague. At Future Ideas when it comes to business we are talking about addressing real problems and finding viable solutions. So if your background is [...]


Interview: Ana Carvalho – Crowdfunding Applied to Culture

February 9, 2015, by Olga Penkovska in: Interviews


Last week we had a pretty inspiring talk with one of our FutureHeroes - Ana Margarida Carvalho, that we wanted to share with you, the Future Ideas community!  Ana is a former participant in the Worldwide Academic Competition and has a master's degree in Communication Sciences with a major in Culture, Heritage  and Science for Universidade do Porto. She wants to be perceived as cultural m[...]


Young Thinkers Business Challenge

January 28, 2015, by Mihaela Georgieva in: Business Challenges

Young Thinkers

Have you ever thought of how awesome it would be if you could join an elite society whose members are the authors of your favorite management books? What if you could be a part of the ranks of these top management thinkers and greatest business gurus? Now you have the opportunity to do so! Thinkers50 and Future Ideas are actively looking for the young thinkers – the disruptive creators o[...]


Ready For A Business Challenge?

January 26, 2015, by Mihaela Georgieva in: Innovation


Future Ideas Worldwide Academic Competition is a powerful way to kickstart your career and get recognized for the hard work you have already done during your studies. But is this all? Is there a Future Ideas after-life, after the competition has ended? - Well, yes, there is! Once you have gone through the competition you can dive into the world of Future Ideas Business Challenges, where yo[...]


Give Your Future Idea an Extra Push

January 26, 2015, by Aneliya Evtimova in: How-to's


At Future Ideas our first priority is always to help our community to achieve their full potential. This extends to the Worldwide Academic Competition where participants start by submitting their idea on the platform. In this spirit we are launching a new initiative where prospective participants can sign-up to receive a 15 minute one-on-one consultation session with Simone Verbaken, our own "H[...]


Success Can Destroy Innovation

January 21, 2015, by Mihaela Georgieva in: FutureHeroes Contribution


It is pretty hard not to chuckle when reading about the many tributes to the role of failure in innovation. After all, failure is not so simple that companies can just afford to do it, and the reality is that firms are not willing to fund the possibility of failure even though they decidedly should! But, if prototyping and funding the human endeavor are so important, then why are businesses[...]


Inspired By The Coach – Rita Orozco

January 13, 2015, by Mihaela Georgieva in: Interviews


In this edition of our Newsletter we want to introduce to you Rita Orozco, our current Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. We had a fun and energizing interview with her, in which she shares one of her most thrilling passions and her secret on how to get inspired. We are excited to share with you insights on her career path till now: Future Ideas: Rita, how did your marketing career start?[...]


Building the Future of Snacks

December 24, 2014, by Aneliya Evtimova in: Business Challenges

Future of Snacks Banner

The consumer shift to more nutritious products will accelerate, or will it not? Several trends such as the desire for convenient and functional nutrition, local and natural ingredients, new production ways as 3D Printing or the Better-for-you snacks are at our doorstep. We at Future Ideas are looking for what will be the next big thing for snacks in the coming 5 years. This is the reason why[...]


Round and round the platform goes

December 10, 2014, by Mihaela Georgieva in: How-to's

We provide you with an opportunity to share your idea by submitting it in one of the six themes of the Worldwide Academic Competition. The platform also allows you to browse and comment on other awesome innovative ideas. Log in, create a profile, connect with your peers and get inspired!

The official deadline for idea submission to the Worldwide Academic Competition is just about here and we have some exciting news to all the procrastinators out there - the Future Ideas Worldwide Academic Competition deadline has been extended! For the past two months we have been working hard to improve the new platform and make it easy and intuitive to use. And just like a pair of fancy [...]


Meet our amazing Jury!

November 26, 2014, by Aneliya Evtimova in: Jury


We’ve made sure to turn this edition of the Worldwide Academic Competition into something extremely special! We present to you – our honorable jury members.   Who they are Our jury members are professionals and professors from all walks of life, different backgrounds and fields of expertise. From VPs and Innovation managers of huge companies like Dolby, Vodafone, Coca-Cola, Ro[...]