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College Professors: The New Headhunters (Part 1)

May 5, 2015, by Mihaela Georgieva in: FutureHeroes Contribution


From conversations with clients, at networking events, and with friends, I keep hearing the same business problem showing up again and again: We can't find good talent! This is a problem I have discussed in several places, but all of those articles discuss how to find and hire good talent. Businesses also need to figure out where they are going to find fantastic people to fit their carefu[...]


The Importance Of Storytelling In Small And Big Organisations

April 14, 2015, by Olga Penkovska in: FutureHeroes Contribution

KAtya's blog

As I started working for a company that specialises in digital corporate communication, storytelling has become a completely new world for me. Globalisation has forced many companies to adapt their marketing and management techniques to rapid cultural and technological changes that affect the way they enter foreign markets, expand locally or change their digital presence. Various social media c[...]


Success Can Destroy Innovation

January 21, 2015, by Mihaela Georgieva in: FutureHeroes Contribution


It is pretty hard not to chuckle when reading about the many tributes to the role of failure in innovation. After all, failure is not so simple that companies can just afford to do it, and the reality is that firms are not willing to fund the possibility of failure even though they decidedly should! But, if prototyping and funding the human endeavor are so important, then why are businesses[...]