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Announcing the Winner of the Young Thinkers Business Challenge

July 7, 2015, by Mihaela Georgieva in: News

Young Thinkers Award Cover blog

The evaluations of the Young Thinkers Business Challenge, sponsored by Thinkers50, are now over and we are happy to announce the winning idea! The Young Thinkers Business Challenge asked our young community of researchers and professionals about their observations on the current management trends in their respected fields of expertise and their ideas on how these management practices will e[...]


Worldwide Academic Competition 2015 Winners Announcement

May 22, 2015, by Aneliya Evtimova in: News

Future Ideas Worldwide Academic Competition 2015 Winners Blog

After months of submissions and three rounds of evaluations we are pleased to announce the winners of this year's Worldwide Academic Competition. Each of our 6 themes has 3 winners – which makes 18 winners in total! The first place winners are Anirban Dutta and Snigdhajyoti Das (Future of Business), Abhimanyu Roy (Future of Community), Alexandra Santos  (Future of Design), Pedro Ferreir[...]


Future of work: Who is cool and who is cooler?

March 17, 2015, by Jaspar Roos in: News


Where does all the talent go? Let’s think about it – Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Spotify, Airbnb, Tinder, Uber – and those are only the big names out there right now. I cannot even start to enumerate all the small startups across countries that are sucking in young graduates. If the tendency is that freshly graduated talents prefer to kickstart their career by joining the st[...]


Re-engineering Talent Sourcing

March 4, 2015, by Mihaela Georgieva in: News


To stay up to date and sustain competitive positions companies need great, disruptive ideas, as well as the best and most suitable talents to help the business move ahead. Finding them is a challenge most organizations share. Moreover, spotting the right talent is time- and resource- consuming. So how do you ensure the best fit for your company? Indeed, you can start with going through appli[...]


Future Ideas Worldwide Academic Competition

October 15, 2014, by Mihaela Georgieva in: News

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For the past months the Future Ideas Team has been working hard, getting ready for the next Future Ideas competition. We have been anxiously anticipating the 15th October 2014, also known as the launch off of the Future Ideas Worldwide Academic Competition 2014. A lot has change with Future Ideas lately. Read further for some juicy feeds on what’s new with us. Worldwide If you have been[...]