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Re-engineering Talent Sourcing

March 4, 2015, by Mihaela Georgieva in: Business Challenges

To stay up to date and sustain competitive positions companies need great, disruptive ideas, as well as the best and most suitable talents to help the business move ahead. Finding them is a challenge most organizations share. Moreover, spotting the right talent is time- and resource- consuming. So how do you ensure the best fit for your company?

Indeed, you can start with going through applications and resumes. A CV can tell you a lot about a candidate’s qualifications and experience, but does not necessarily correspond to their skills and if they actually are a good fit for the company. More often than ever are statements in CVs exaggerated and even not based on facts. And interviews can tell only that much.


Instead of basing your decision on whatever is stated in the applicant’s resume and rely on its authenticity, why not make a well informed choice of talent.

Our recommendation: move to competitions! Moving to competitions will change your company’s talent acquisition approach and its success rate. Imagine that you could have gotten access to the Master papers of the founders of Google before they created Google…based on their talent, thinking and participation in a challenge, you would have been in touch with them!

Testing the candidate’s skills through a competition is a great way to assess talents on a number of criteria, such as:


Solution driven problem solving.

Unconventional approach and “out-of-the-box” thinking.

Drive and perseverance.

Competences in the field.

Anything else that is relevant to the organization.

At Future Ideas, we are strong proponents of integrading competitions to talent sourcing. The talent competitions we offer are an effective tool to finding the right talent for your organization. Get all the right insights by asking them to solve tailored to the company’s needs business challenges, unless you want to keep it general. More and more companies are taking advantage of this new approach to talent sourcing, making their desired human resource stand out.

Are you ready to improve your approach to finding the best talent fit for your company and organize a comepetition? Contact us to get started:


Mihaela Georgieva is a Communications Specialist at Future Ideas.

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