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The Competition Is Closed – What’s Next?

April 7, 2015, by Mihaela Georgieva in: Updates

On March 31st, the Future Ideas Worldwide Academic Competition officially ended!

Since this year’s competition opened we have had a huge interest from young talents around the world. Thanks to our growing community of main, content, expertise and academic partners we have expanded our reach greatly. We are happy to share that for the submission period we’ve gotten nearly 30,000 visitors to the website, 1217 new members to our community with submissions coming from 45 countries. Our most popular theme being the Future of Sustainability!


What’s next?

For the past week, our team has been working hard to get everything ready for the start of the jury members evaluations sessions. Today, April 7th, marks the beginning of the Committee Jury Members evaluations. For the next two weeks our Committee Jury Panel will be evaluating idea submissions looking for the next best thing.




The idea submissions that have passed through the through screening of Committee Juries will go further to Theme Jury evaluations. This second stage of evaluations will take place from April 21st till May 5th. Here ideas will be evaluated based on the following three criteria: (1) Thoroughness and depth of research, (2) Originality, and (3) Relevance and feasibility.

The top 10 ideas go to Head Jury evaluations, which are taking place from May 6th till May 20th. Our head jury members will review idea submissions, including their full research documents. A comprehensive decision will be made to select the top three winners.

Who’s going to be the among this year’s winners…we’ll have to wait till Friday May 22nd 

Best of luck to all applicants!



Mihaela Georgieva is a Communications Specialist at Future Ideas.

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