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6 Themes

Future of Business
Future of Community
Future of Health
Future of Design
Future of Sustainability
Future of Technology

Competition Timeline

    Each of our 6 themes has 3 winners – which makes 18 winners in total! Participants compete to win the following prizes:

    First Prize

    • €1,000 cash prize
    • Mentorship from some of the top thinkers in the world
    • Publication in the Future Ideas “Ideas for the Future” Research Journal

    Second Prize

    • Mentorship from top professors and business professionals
    • Publication in the Future Ideas “Ideas for the Future” Research Journal

    Third Prize

    • Publication in the Future Ideas “Ideas for the Future” Research Journal
    • Book recommended by Chief Inspiration Officer Jaspar Roos

    All participants who join the Future Ideas community can actively promote themselves, their ideas, and boost their career because of the advantages we offer. Read more HERE!

    More Info…

    • What does our mentorship program include? The mentorship program consists of a series of 3 sessions with our mentors over a period of three months. The output of the interaction would be primarily to inspire the winners and help them grow professionally by guiding them through a business idea, personal project or other aspiration they might have. You will have the chance for one-to-one interaction with experienced professionals and top professors from world-class universities! More information can be found HERE.
    • What is the “Ideas for the Future” research journal? As an organization passionate about the potential of young researchers like you we are dedicated to helping spread the word as far and wide as we can. Every year we publish the best ideas in our research journal which will be promoted to our community and accessible via our website. The text will come from the Description, Problem, Research, Solution, and Application statements of the idea as they are written on the platform, and winners will have the opportunity to modify the text before publication. The author retains any and all IP rights and Future Ideas will not prohibit the author from any future publication opportunities. Click HERE for more information about Intellectual Property Rights.

    By submitting your work to the Worldwide Academic Competition, you become a part of our community where limitless opportunities await.

    We offer you the chance to: 

    • Compete in Business Challenges. Top companies with real problems or exciting opportunities for prizes and even internships, come to Future Ideas to connect to top talent like you. Compete in Business Challenges via our platform and connect directly to the people they want to be making an impression on.
    • Network with other innovative people like yourself. From participants, to jury members, to mentors, to members of our team, the Future Ideas community is filled with interesting people and great insights. As a part of the community you’ll be in the inner circle for networking events and lots of great opportunities.
    • Boost your CV. It’s the first, and hopefully not the last, thing that potential employers see about you so make sure that it stand out. One of our experience team members will work with you directly to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward. For more information e-mail:
    • Access to the platform. As a participant you will see the power of the Future Ideas platform first hand. You can get feedback and advice about your idea or ­­­­­browse through the ideas of other from this year or previous competition. Who knows, you might find your next business partner.
    • Opportunities to be promoted by us. We are always look for exciting new ideas and are eager to share them with our community. As a participant you have the opportunity to be highlighted in our newsletter, a blog, or on social media. Help us help you spread the word about your great work. 

    We require that you…

    • 1. Did original research,
      2. Under the supervision of a professor or faculty member,
      3. In affiliation with a university or academic institution,
      4. And published your work in the form of a thesis, honors project, journal article, etc.


    • We accept work written in ANY language from ANY country and ALL academic institutions. However, to accommodate our international staff and jury members, we require that all text written for your ideas submission on the platform be in English.

    Multiple Entries

    • Participants who have completed multiple different research projects may submit those within the same or different years of the competition. However, previous participants to the competition are not eligible to compete in the Worldwide Academic Competition again unless they are going to enter different research than previously submitted. Though some ideas may be applicable to two or more of the six themes, ideas may only be submitted once and the author must choose the best option. More information under What to Prepare.

    Intellectual Property Rights

    • Participants are responsible for getting permission from all authors and people associated with the research before submission. Below you will find additional information regarding IP rights. Most universities, especially research universities, have policies regarding intellectual property rights. So make sure to check this with your university administration.
    • 1. Intellectual property (IP) rights over your thesis, honors project or journal article remains with you – the author(s).
    • Using our Platform does not give individuals ownership of any IP rights or allow them to use content from our Platform unless a permission from its owner is obtained or is otherwise permitted by law.
    • 2. Future Ideas does not, at any point during or after the competition, take advantage or ownership of the submitted idea applications.
    • 3. Idea submissions to the Worldwide Academic Competition are visible to Jury Members and current and prior participants of the competition.
    • This allows community members to interact which for you means getting feedback by professionals and peers, starting a dialog, and receiving valuable input for improvements.
    • 4. Participants may choose to attach their research project to their submission on the platform where it will be viewable to the community, but it is not an obligatory part of the initial submission process.
    • However, ideas that make it to the Head Jury will be evaluated based on their full research document or thesis. To be eligible to compete in this last stage of the competition you must provide your research project. In this case your work will not be made visible and will only be used internally for the purposes of evaluation.
    • Please address any additional questions or concerns to our staff at

    Evaluation Criteria

    • The jury members of Future Ideas don’t evaluate like universities do. We are not that interested in whether your references are all perfect or if you pointed out all the limitations of your research. What we are looking for is an original subject or problem, which is researched in a thorough way, and delivers innovative conclusions which can be used in practice for business or society.

    Our evaluation criteria are…

    Thoroughness and
    Depth of Research
    How did you synthesize the relevant literature in a conceptual model and subsequently tested or explored this model in your research? What methods did you use and were these methods able to give innovative insights? 20%
    Originality Does your thesis show scientific and practical originality? Are the established ideas used in a new way or are new ideas developed? Future Ideas is looking for works that present an idea for the future, something new and surprising. 35%
    Relevance and
    This is the criterion we see as most important. Why? Well, what is the value of new knowledge when it cannot be used in real life? Show us that your idea is a solution to a business or societal problem (whether or not that problem yet exists is not important) and that the idea is achievable. Now what did your research actually deliver? 45%


    Evaluation Procedure
    All ideas go through three stages of evaluation each completed by different groups of jury members.

    • 1. Committee Jury Evaluation – your ideas will be evaluated purely on the basis of your description to see it if stands out as a new, exciting, and innovative research topic that has the potential to positively impact the world.
    • 2. Theme Jury Evaluation – your complete idea will then be evaluated based on the three criteria above. The top 10 ideas from each theme will make it through to the next round.
    • 3. Head Jury Evaluation – five head jury members will review the work of the top 10 idea including their full research documents. A comprehensive decision will be made to select the top three winners.

    Theme Selection

    • Pick just one theme to submit your work under. Can’t decide which of the six best matches your research? Try asking yourself the following questions and see if you can narrow it down. Really really stuck? Send us an email at and we’d love to help  you out.

    Try asking yourself the following questions…

    • 1. What was the original motivation that prompted my research?
    • 2. What would be the main benefit of implementing my innovative idea?
    • 3. In which field is my idea most applicable?

    Sub-topic Selection:

    • When you submit your work you will also be asked to list the one sub-topic that you feel best describes your work. This does not affect your evaluation in the competition. Sub-topics are listed under each theme on the website and in the description of each campaign (theme) on the platform.


    The following are the required fields when you submit your ideas via the Future Ideas Platform

    • Idea Description: This is your first chance to make an impression on the jury. In 250 words, give us the “hard sell” for why your idea is new and innovative. This will be the first thing that we read about your work and the sole basis for the first round of evaluations.
    • Problem: In 250 words, describe your research question and the motivations behind initiating the research. What problems does it address?
    • Research: In 300 words, explain your research procedure and why you chose your research analysis methodology.
    • Solution: In 300 words, show how your research solves the stated problem.
    • Application: In 400 words, demonstrate if your solution is feasible to be implemented. What potential barriers exist to success? How would you address these barriers?
    • Image: A nice picture draws attention to your idea. It will be shown as a thumbnail on the platform.
    • Attachments: You can upload any documents that provide more details about the idea. Should you progress to the stage of the Head Jury evaluations, you will be asked to send your original research, in case you haven’t already done so.

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    Read more information on the Young Thinkers business challenge on our blog.

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